Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Overarching Approach to ESG


We are disrupting the way banking systems work through a financially inclusive model that minimizes poverty and inequalities by providing financial solutions to rural communities, females and the youth.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Digitization of all forms of payments defines our core business. Our digital services drive a cashless society, thus reducing production, distribution, consumption, and disposal of physical resources.

Committed to operating ethically with a zero tolerance to fraud, bribery and corruption. Given the responsibility we have as a financial provider, we uphold the highest standards of risk management and compliance across all our operating markets.

We envision a financially inclusive future, with our goals covering areas such as financial inclusion, digital inclusion, improving quality of life, as well as financial and economic development. A key part of our efforts therefore seeks to promote employment and opportunity creation, with a deliberate focus on women, youths, immigrants, and other previously disadvantaged sections of society.

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