Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Our innovative digital wallets come in two formats, to suit the different customer requirements:

  • First-generation –mobile money wallet designed primarily for feature phones, offering users services such as peer-to-peer transfers, airtime purchases, merchant and bill payments, banking services, micro-credit and micro-savings. Through EcoCash, our own branded service and one of Africa’s leading mobile money services, we helped establish a benchmark service in this space.
  • Second generation– full-feature digital wallet accessible through the Sasai super app. Unlike the first generation, this is a network-agnostic solution, highly scalable and available across multiple geographies. In addition to the first-generation use cases similarly available through this wallet, its primary features include QR Codes, Biometric Authentication, Multi-currency, and Micro-Investments.

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Access a wide range of financial services via mobile phone.

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Driving financial inclusion


Connect to the global economy


Using our mobile wallet, our digital banking products provide financial services to the previously excluded. These services include: P2P Transfers, Bill & Merchant Payments, Banking Services, Debit Cards, and Multi-currency Digital Wallets.


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