Taking a closer look at Sasai Fintech

Have you ever wondered what the reputable Sasai Fintech is all about?

Well, you are about to find out! Let us take you on a journey through one of Africa’s most advanced digital platforms that was created to “improve overall quality of life by offering access to social and financial services through technology”.

Sasai Fintech is a finance technology company that allows customers to make online money transfers using mobile money, bank account transfers, and cash pick-up services.

It has an easy to use all-in-one mobile application that combines digital payment solutions, on-demand services, instant messaging and digital media services.

International Remittances

Are you thinking about sending money from the UK/EU?

Think Sasai Remit!

Sasai Remit is a secure, instant and convenient way to send money from UK/EU to anywhere in Africa. You can send money directly to a mobile money account, bank account or cash pick-up point. The choice is all yours!

Ecocash Remit

Cross-border payments couldn’t be more hassle-free!

With EcoCash Remit, you can send money from South Africa to your loved ones in other parts of Africa.

Funds are sent directly to a mobile money account, bank account or cash pick-up point. And the best part; it’s instant!


Sasai is an all-in-one super app that combines instant messaging, multiple online payment solutions, on demand services and digital media services that provide access to global news sites, high-class podcasts, as well as video streaming services in a single, easy-to-use user interface.

With Sasai, you are able to chat and send money at the same time, without having to leave the app! How super convenient is that!

Digital Financial Services

With all that’s going around the world, the best way to make the most in life is to stay home and go digital.

Sasai Fintech International digital banking enables its customers access to full banking services via their mobile phones.

Its digital banking platform uses the Square Mobile App that allows its customers services like fund transfers, nano loans, bill payments anytime, anywhere.

As you can tell, Sasai Remit has emerged to be Africa’s leading digital solutions provider! When you think convenience, think Sasai Remit! 

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